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The light dictionary of IEN products

As a little help we like to describe our products by means of an understandable sentence. In case you have further questions concerning control technique, please call or send a fax. We shall help you with your tender texts and technical jargon.

Adapter modules

Adapter modules are modems, which convert available signals into standard signals, such as: current value to voltage value, voltage value to current value, current value to current value, voltage value to voltage value. Adapter modules are needed for almost every control.

Diesel speed control

This module is made to control the Diesel speed. As soon as the speed is too high, too low or within standard range, a corresponding signal is given. Wherever Diesel engines are at work, there will usually be a Diesel speed control as well.

Digital set value memory

Digital set value memories are designed to store set values digitally. This board or this module contains a set value integrator. With a key control you can produce a linear set value signal, store it and activate it by means of a ramp function.
Example: There are 3 speed stages for the process of stirring at a colour mixing machine. With the key control you can trigger stage 1, 2 or 3 and thus control the intensity of stirring.

DMS – measuring amplifier and measuring amplifier modules

A DMS measuring amplifier serves for the evaluation of signals coming from wire strain gauge transmitters. Measuring amplifiers transform a set value signal (for example a potentiometer drive) into linear voltage or current. This way smaller measured values are amplified, so that drives can understand these values and let further operations follow.

Hydraulic control

Hydraulic controls are complex electric controls of hydraulic systems. This sort of control serves for the triggering of complex hydraulic plants. All operating elements or componentries are assembled completely and installed in a switch cabinet, ready for connection. These plants are customized manufactures and, therefore, no series fabrication.

Power limiter

Power limiters as a board or as a module serve for the protection against overload of hydraulic drives. Here we have different signals, which lead to the cut-off of a hydraulic plant. An example: A garbage compaction is overloaded, but with the help of the power limiter a jam can be avoided.

Solenoid regulator cards and solenoid regulator modules

Solenoid regulator cards and solenoid regulator modules are used together with a joystick for the control of adjustment magnets for hydraulic displacement pumps. Of course there might also other valve sorts be possible. These cards serve for the speed increase of hydraulic engines. An example: The roundabout is started, slowly rising in speed, and is then slowly decelerated again.

Set value actuator cards or set value actuator modules

With these cards or modules single set values or several preset set values are retrieved. This way you get many set value sizes. Concerning hydraulic plants a huge number of setpoints may be important for the control, which then takes place faster or slower by means of many steps.

Twin gang comparators

Wherever two dimensions are to be compared, you use a comparator. As a result of different values at two entries, a new process is started. Example: Input 1 is bigger than input 2 – valve 1 is activated.