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Our products move your world!

Below there are a few examples which will show you, for which industrial sectors we make our products.

We control the navigation

On board many ships our products control the tasks. Even in dock or at the loading of ships our control technique mostly plays a leading role.

Carrousels for entertainment

With our control technique carrousel manufacturers move the hearts of children and adults.

Our products help control sanitation

The garbage trucks in Hamburg are working with our control technique. We work out controls for the rationalization of garbage collection. The driver simultaneously takes on the loading of the garbage – by joystick.

Cranes – the load experts

For the construction of cranes we supply the control technique since over 20 years from here right up to Singapore. Whenever today a building-site crane Requires alternative control technique, we deliver our know-how all over the world. Even for older cranes we can supply the needed spare parts quickly.