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The IEN product range

Our product range has grown considerably during the long period of our business history. Farther below we will show you an overview of our developments and productions.

In case you do not find your field of operation or your desired application, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We also do engineering and development on fields, which are still new to us. And we are sure that, due to our general development history, we will be in a position to be the best partner for the development, engineering, production and/or testing of your application demand.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.
The team of IEN

in alphabetical order

Air conditioning plant controls
Air supply controls
Asphalt spreader controls
Automotive engineering
Building crane controls
Carrousel controls
Cement mill controls
Cement sifter controls
Colour mixing machine controls
Control cabinets for production lines
Control cabinets for production plants
Control cabinets for production sequences
Control cases
Control desks
Controls for air conditioning plants
Controls for air supply units
Controls for asphalt spreaders
Controls for building cranes
Controls for carrousels
Controls for cement mills
Controls for cement sifters
Controls for cloth working machines
Controls for colour mixing machines
Controls for deck cranes
Controls for diesel aggregates
Controls for diver’s lamps
Controls for drums
Controls for emergency units
Controls for feed screws
Controls for feed screws
Controls for forest economy devices
Controls for forestry equipment
Controls for grapplers
Controls for hall cranes
Controls for harvesters
Controls for heavy-lift cranes
Controls for impeller sifters
Controls for industrial engineering
Controls for lifting devices
Controls for luminous substances
Controls for mixers
Controls for mixing plants
Controls for naval engineering
Controls for paper working machines
Controls for pick-up loaders
Controls for pumps
Controls for refrigerating plants
Controls for refrigeration
Controls for road machines
Controls for ship transporting plants
Controls for stationary as well as for mobile cranes
Controls for stirring machines
Controls for the automotive industry
Controls for the cement industry
Controls for the cement industry
Controls for the paper industry
Controls for the production of pharmaceutics
Controls for the winch industry
Controls for traction engines
Controls for transporting plants for ships
Controls for transverse beam rudders
Controls for truck-mounted cranes
Controls for underwater lamps
Controls for ventilation plants
Controls for wood felling machines
Controls for wood working machines
Crane controls ashore
Deck crane controls
Diesel aggregate controls
Digital set point storage
Diver’s lamp controls
DMS measuring amplifier
Double comparator
Double comparators
Drum controls
Electric controls
Electronic controls
Emergency unit control
Feed screw controls
Feed screw controls
Forest economy device controls
Grappler controls
Hall crane controls
Hand-operated control panels for controls
Hydraulic controls
Hydraulic controls for the transporting of containers
Impeller sifter controls
Industrial engineering
Lifting apparatus controls
Luminous substance controls
Measuring amplifier
Measuring amplifier module
Measuring amplifier modules
Mixer controls
Mixing machine controls
Naval engineering
Pneumatic controls
Power limitation
Power limiter
Pump controls
Refrigerating plant controls
Refrigeration controls
Road making machine controls
Set point lock-on card
Set point lock-on cards
Set point programming card
Set point programming cards
Set point storage
Ship transporting plants
Slip plant controls for the transporting of ships
Solenoid regulator card
Solenoid regulator cards
Solenoid regulator module
Solenoid regulator modules
Stirring machine controls
Test case for control plants
Test modules for controls
Test panels
Test plate for controls
Testing assemblies for controls
Traction engine controls
Transporting plants for ships
Transverse beam rudder controls
Truck-mounted crane control
Underwater lamp controls
Ventilation plant controls
Winch controls
Wood working machine controls